From September 2017 the fees per term are as follows:

Mornings:    9am - 12 noon (Monday to Friday)

       5 mornings a week................£ 1338

       4 mornings a week................£ 1260

       3 mornings a week................£ 1045

       2 mornings a week................£ 820


Afternoons:   12.00 - 2.30pm (Early afternoon session - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays)

                     2.00 - 5.00pm (Rainbow International afternoon session - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays)

Each afternoon session is charged at £ 278 per term.

Rainbow International afternoon sessions run from 2.00 until 5pm and may be taken as an alternative to the early afternoon session.


Registration fee: £130.

Deposit: £300 (refundable when a full term's notice of the child leaving is given in writing).

Fees may be paid in advance of each term or in monthly installments.


Please note: All three and four year olds are entitled to a grant from Oxfordshire Education Authority towards our fees. This is paid directly to the School. It is reviewed regularly by the Government.

Due to each term being different in length (Autumn term 14 weeks; Winter/Spring term 11/12 weeks; Summer term 12/13 weeks) the portion of the fees covered by the grant will vary. Consequently the amount provided by the parents is higher in the shorter terms.