August 18th-24th, 2-5pm and September 20th-22nd, 2-5pm

In today’s world when we are thinking of children’s rights, there are so many things to consider.

Their right to a peaceful childhood uninterrupted by war and conflict. Their right to enough food, healthcare and education. The right to be brought up by their parents and family members in an environment where they feel safe and secure.

In the paintings exhibited, the artist, Rosalie O’Nions, has concentrated on three rights that she feels are important in childhood: The right to play and be creative; the right to make and develop friendships with other children in an atmosphere of mutual respect; and the right to the love and companionship of their parents, grandparents and siblings.

Included in the exhibition are some beautiful delicate beach scenes and seascapes of the Charente Maritime, Atlantic coast, France, between La Rochelle and Bordeaux. Also exhibited will be a couple of lovely paintings by Rosemarie Deepwell.

Also on display, in support of children’s rights, will be some pictures and stories of children sponsored through Compassion. This is a Christian organisation dedicated to providing world-class programmes to nurture and educate children from the world’s poorest communities, to support themselves and their families, breaking the cycle of poverty.



The Toddler group will be starting up again from September 2019, on Tuesday afternoons 2.45-4pm. Please see poster below (scroll down).


We love to watch the children making connections and discoveries and becoming more creative in their play. We’d like to celebrate these precious windows into the childrens’ world by sharing them with you.

L: This child has built a ‘Rescue Machine’ for his teacher who was feeling poorly!

R: Colouring the gardening tools like our green grass

L: This boy comes from South Africa and had the idea to nibble the shape of the continent out of his cracker!

R: A serious rider on his horse, sitting up very straight.

L: Receiving instruction in learning to fly…

R: A shy boy is proud bus driver for the first time!


You are warmly invited to come and visit Hunsdon House Nursery School every Friday afternoon this June (2019) between 1.00pm and 2.30pm. This is an opportunity to explore our engaging classrooms and beautiful garden as well as meet our friendly, experienced teaching team. We do hope to welcome you soon!


The decision to close will be based on access to essential services (heating, water etc.), staffing levels (a numbers of staff live at a distance from the school), transport safety and site safety. In particular, the decision will take account of the health and safety of the pupils, staff and volunteers as a priority. Consideration will be given to closing the school or changing the opening and closing time, if it could avoid complete closure.

If any of these become necessary, or if whole school closure is the only option, the school website will be updated and an email will go out by 7:30 am. If you receive no communication, the school will remain open.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Autumn 2018

Please join us for our Open Afternoon on Thursday 18th October 2018, between 1pm and 2pm.

Rainbow Ark Poster.jpg

To book call us on 01865 762704 or email - £6 per parent and child

Summer 2018

Over the Summer we have been renovating the Nursery to restore its original beauty and yet modernise a little; stripping away the old carpet tiles and exposing the original floorboards. The kitchen has been renovated, we have painted the dark wooden walls of the entire nursery a peaceful pale blue to match the sky, and it all looks wonderfully light and welcoming for the start of term! We look forward to seeing you on 4th September.


On 30th June we held an art exhibition at Hunsdon House for local artists from 10am to 4pm. Refreshments were provided and all were welcome to bring picnics for the garden!


January 2018

Welcome back everybody. We are learning about winter, the continents Antarctica, the North & South Pole and winter animals, in particular snow geese. We are planning a small event in February; a continental Carnival, which we will celebrate in February. Keep warm, it's a chilly month!

December 2017

We are looking forward to singing and acting during our Nativity, which we will perform on our last day of term. It has been too cold to play in our garden recently, but we go outside every day to look at the seasonal changes.

Thank you to everyone for supporting and preparing for our Christmas Market; we managed to raise £144.20 for the Amos Trust charity.

We wish everyone a merry and peaceful Christmas and New Year and we will return on Thursday 4th January 2018! 


November 2017

As the days are darker now, we are looking forward to our traditional St Martin's Celebration with our handmade lanterns. We have practised some songs and hope many of our families will attend.

Children and parents of the nursery have been busy with arts & crafts, creating beautiful decorations to sell at our upcoming Christmas Market on Friday 24th November, this will be in aid of our chosen charity Amos Trust.


September 2017

We are happy to be back in our nursery and we welcomed our new starters and returning children at the beginning of term. We are currently covering the theme of "Continents of the world, their trees and animals", which is a very interesting subject!

Our garden is looking beautiful with autumnal colours at the moment and we have collected potatoes, carrots and tomatoes from our vegetable plot recently.

We will hold a Harvest Celebration and collection of food donations for the Oxford Food Bank in October.

Our Open Afternoon will be held on Tuesday 3rd October, from 1 until 2pm. This is an opportunity for parents who are interested in future places for their children to visit us . Please call 01865 762604 for more information.


Summer 2017

We are now closed for the summer until Tuesday 5th September. Thank you everybody for all your support throughout the school year and also on our last day of term, when we held our yearly "Summer Celebration". As always, it was a lovely morning and well done to our children singing and acting in our Circus performance. We were sad to say goodbye to our leavers, but please stay in touch. Happy summer to all our families. 

Our Charity Spring Concert on 15th March was a great success, it was absolutely wonderful to see all our former children so grown up and talented, and singing and playing their instruments so beautifully. The concert was a delight to all and inspiring for parents and children, listeners and performers. A great deal of practising and dedication had gone into preparing for it. Many of the children who took part had discovered a love of music while exploring the cello as four year olds at Hunsdon House. The standard of playing was excellent, but more importantly, these children are helping to inspire the younger ones to do the same,  contributing to our community and those of children less fortunate. Over £275 was raised for our favourite charity, the Amos Trust which supports street children in Africa.

ART WEEK August 7th - 11th

We are holding our annual Art Week from 7th to 11th of August, 9 am to 2.30 pm for children aged 4 - 10 years.

Cost : £ 220 for 5 long days,  £ 180 for the 5 mornings only. Materials are all included. 1 or 2 places still available.

We have planned the following activities : silk painting a scarf, textile potato print (a table centrepiece), lino printing creating cards, candle making and beeswax rolled candles, decorating tiles with coloured glass stones (mosaic), creating a small collage with natural materials found on beaches, pebble stone painting, string painting, seaside mobile with painting on wood bark, watercolour painting, mobiles with fimo, pottery, mindful colouring of fine designs.

December 2016

We held our annual Christmas Market on 1st December and thank all parents and children for their help and support, especially when preparing our handmade decorations! We raised funds for our nursery, to buy new educational materials.

We are looking forward to welcoming our families to our Nativity on Thursday 15th December, from 11.15am. This is also our last day of term, finishing at 12noon. We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our new term will start on Thursday 5th January.


October/November 2016

Thank you to all families supporting our Art Exhibition and Picture Sale during the weekend of 15th and 16th October, when we sold works by various artist friends of Hunsdon House. The sale extended right up to Christmas and we were delighted to raise £ 500.- in aid of the Amos Trust charity.

We are pleased to have our St Martin's lantern procession again, this year it will be on Thursday 10th November at 5pm (for 1 hour). The children have made their own colourful lanterns.

In preparation for our Christmas Market on Thursday 1st December, parents are welcome to come to our Christmas Crafts workshops on Thursdays 17th and 24th November, from 12.30 until 2.30pm. The children will play the Nativity on our last day of this term, Thursday 15th December. Lots to look forward to!              


Any parents interested in longer nursery hours for their child please contact us to discuss your requirements for a longer afternoon session until 5pm. For details please see posters below.              


                            December 2015

This year we invited parents on three consecutive Thursday afternoons to join us for a Christmas Craft Workshop, where they learned to make felt tree decorations, wreaths, hanging garlands, paper stars and many more beautiful ornaments. It was lovely to discover the wonderful talents some of our parents have been blessed with, and a nice treat to be able to sew or craft in peace while the children were taken care of by staff in the next room. (One rather heroic mum turned up every week and sewed beautifully while juggling a restless snuffly baby!)  We sold the decorations at our Christmas Market to raise money for the Ugandan orphanage and street childrens' charities we support.

Our Nativity

For the first time we invited a professional photographer, Danny Reeve, to make a video of our traditional Nativity play which we hold every year on the last day of the Autumn Term. The Nativity went very well, with the children looking lovely as angels, shepherds, kings, animals and the Holy Family. There was as always an excellent audience of parents and younger siblings, with contributions of a poem, a beautiful solo and talented musicians to accompany the carols. Parents were able to take home a copy of the video. A clip is shown below.