Nursery Education Funding and Fee policy

Nursery education funding is received from the Local Authority to cover 15 hours free tuition per week each term for three and four year old children, with the expectation that no extra charges are made to families for the services provided.

However, we are offering an exceptionally high quality education with a varied menu of play and learning opportunities using finely crafted wooden European and Montessori materials that reflect the traditional ethos of our school, which has been nurturing children in this way for almost one hundred years.

  • We employ a high ratio of qualified teachers and dedicated and experienced assistants, (5 to 6 adults to 20 - 25

  • children) to enable greater individual attention and care to each child;

  • We provide within our varied curriculum: Music tuition and workshops with professional musicians, and little concerts;

  • ‘Dance and Movement’ and Pilates classes with highly experienced professional teachers;

  • European and other language tuition through songs and memory games;

  • Outdoor excursions (Nuneham Arboretum with all the family, Forest School days at the Earth Trust);

  • Workshops for parents, Educational Talks, a Parenting Course;

  • Regular Staff Training in line with Ofsted and the Oxfordshire County Council, throughout the year .

In light of this we need additional provision from families wishing to enrol their child at Hunsdon House Nursery School to cover the difference between our running costs and the grant we receive for a child from the Government. With this we can continue to provide a quality curriculum with exciting opportunities for all children, including the parents and staff, and provide all the extra opportunities that help us enjoy learning and working together.


Nursery Tuition Fees (as from September 2018)


5 Mornings per week                       £1472 per term

4 Mornings per week                       £1386 per term

3 Mornings per week              £1150 per term

2 Mornings per week                       £820 per term



Afternoon to 2.30pm

per afternoon per term                  £280

These fees are all inclusive of our additional activities:

  • European Language Immersion sessions

  • Specialist Music Tuition, including visits from musicians introducing a variety of instruments

  • Movement & Dance Tuition

  • Dynamic Pilates exercise classes - just for little ones - with our senior Pilates instructor

  • Heuristic Play Sessions with our Creative Play Specialist


Single Payments

Registration fee                               £130

Deposit                                           £300

Registration and deposits are payable on acceptance of a place (Deposits are refundable if given 1 term's written notice of leaving). Fees are payable in advance or by monthly installments. 

Please note: all 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to a grant from Oxfordshire Education Authority (reviewed regularly by the Govt) towards our fees. This is paid directly to the School.

Due to each term being different in length (Autumn term 14 weeks, Winter-Spring term 11-12 weeks, Summer term 12-13 weeks) the portion of the fees covered by the grant will vary. Consequently the amount provided by parents is higher in the shorter terms.