All staff members are carefully selected on the basis of a profound love for children and commitment to their holistic development. The education, maturity and teaching experience of each staff member is considered. A warm and caring attitude along with a sensitivity to children's individual needs is a prerequisite. We use gentle words to guide the children; their mistakes are just opportunities to grow.

We aim to see each child in our care blossom emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually as well as mentally. We provide stimulating literacy and number activities at all times, and encourage imagination, creativity and a love of exploration which will lay the foundation for a lifetime of enthusiasm for learning. 

We regularly welcome new teachers from many different countries across the world, each of whom has brought their unique contribution and personality to our Hunsdon House Team.

Educating children, for us, is a calling and a passion.

We know each child has something unique to offer. We believe that the most important qualification for those working with children is a kind, understanding heart and a genuine love for children, to develop their individual gifts and personality. We are guided by the wisdom of the children themselves. Teachers at local schools receiving our children often tell us that they can recognise a Hunsdon House child by their well developed social skills and care for others.