Nursery Tuition Fees


5 Mornings per week                       £1472 per Term

4 Mornings per week                       £1386 per Term

3 Mornings per week                       £1150 per Term

2 Mornings per week                       £820 per Term



 Afternoons to 2.30pm                    £280 per afternoon per Term


These fees are all inclusive of our additional activities:

  • European Language Immersion sessions

  • Specialist Music Tuition, including visits from musicians introducing a variety of instruments

  • Movement & Dance Tuition

  • Dynamic Pilates exercise classes - just for little ones - with our senior Pilates instructor

  • Heuristic Play Sessions with our Creative Play Specialist


Single Payments

Registration fee                               £130 

Deposit                                           £300 

Registration and deposits are payable on acceptance of a place (Deposits are refundable if given 1 term's written notice of leaving). Fees are payable in advance or by monthly installments. 

Please note: all 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to a grant from Oxfordshire Education Authority (reviewed regularly by the Govt) towards our fees. This is paid directly to the School.

Due to each term being different in length (Autumn term 14 weeks, Winter-Spring term 11-12 weeks, Summer term 12-13 weeks) the portion of the fees covered by the grant will vary. Consequently the amount provided by parents is higher in the shorter terms.